The goal of this group is to enhance our understanding of seabird populations, movement and ecology to aid in conservation planning in the Caribbean UK Overseas Territories. This is achieved through the monitoring of important colonies and GPS tracking of important populations at key breeding sites located in the UK Overseas Territories of Anguilla, British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the Cayman islands.

To date, five project have been undertaken or are currently underway these include the GPS tracking within Anguilla, BVI and the Cayman Islands of the Magnificent frigatebird, Brown booby, Masked booby, Red-footed boobies, Sooty tern, Red-billed tropicbird and Roseate tern.

Our Projects

This website reports on recent and on-going seabird conservation projects in the UK Overseas Territories including three Darwin plus funded projects (1) "Using seabirds for Caribbean Marine Planning" (2013-2015) , (2) "BVI seabird recovery planning progrmame" (2015-2018), and (3) "Assessment and conservatuon actions for Cayman Island seabirds" in addition on-going University of Roehampton-led research projects include (4) a Leverhulme funded Fellowship "Investigating the asynchronous breeding of tropical boobies" (2015-2018), and a PhD research project "(5) Remote Sensing of seabird energetics and stress" All work is led or conducted in partnership with local project partners